The school programme helps the children develop many skills and understandings, essential for their eventual progress to primary school.

This programme can, if desired, be complemented by optional classes offered by professional instructors at the school, during school hours. These help to develop other important skills such as being able to swim, play ball games, dance and control one’s movements.


The Catrobatkidz Skill Development Programme enables children to have experiences in all movement spheres, at a stage in their lives when they can gain the most benefit. Catrobatkidz helps children learn to move with more specific control, refinement and efficiency.
R520 per term (1 x 30 min lesson a week)

The Music Box

R550 per term (1x 30 min lesson a week)

Dance Mouse

R650 per term ( 1 x 30 min lesson a week)


Playball offers a multi-skill programme which follows the progression from basic fundamental sports skills, to mini games of tennis, hockey etc. Their action-packed curriculum will engage learners in fun, age-appropriate, high quality games and activities.
(price to be confirmed)




Bush Hill swimming school teaches children to swim and how to be confident in the water. The swim school operates four days a week in season, with each child having two lessons per week.
Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays
R560 per month (2 x 30 min lessons a week).