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Bush Hill Pre-Primary has been established for 39 years and caters for children from 1 year to Grade R. The children are divided into age appropriate groups and corresponding play areas. Our teachers are qualified and experienced. They strive to ensure the safety, happiness and security of each individual child. The dailys programme is aimed at learning though direct play; encouraging the development of self-discipline, while leading the child towards the maturity necassery for formal school. Each child is given the opportunity to develop and explore their potential in a relaxed, happy and child-orientated environment.

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Half Day: 06:30 - 14:00
Full Day: 06:30 - 17:30

The Owner Writes

Our History

Bush Hill Pre-Primary School was built and opened in 1980 by the Horn Family. They lived on the property which at that time was a 5.5 acre (2.2ha) small holding registered as peri-urban. There were no municipal services in the area, thus no mains water or sewerage, nor rubbish collection. A borehole supplied water for the school and the house. The same borehole supplies the school to this day. A French drain system was used until 1998, when a municipal sewerage pipe reached Tin Road. Rubbish was taken to the dump or disposed of on a compost heap or in a large pit dug in the corner of the plot.

I took over the school in 1988 and acquired the property in 1998. Soon afterwards I was able to subdivide and sell off two thirds of the land for townhouse development, reducing the school to its present footprint of about 6000 sqm, and much improving security. Both my sons attended the school and graduated from the same steps that we still use for our annual event. My elder son turned 40 in 2022!

Our Mission

Over the years additions and improvements have taken place. Around 2005 the swimming school was opened and remains an important facility we offer our families.

In the early days our pupils came from near and far. Now many of the pupils are also our neighbours who live in the multitude of developments which have been built in recent years and now surround the school.

We believe we play an role in the community and are an important extension to family life as each child enters the wider world.

Our Vibe

Providing a green and open space for the children in our care has always been of great importance to me. Each year trees are planted, with some of the earlier ones having reached full maturity and now providing important and welcome shade for the children, the more so as we confront the global warming affecting all our lives.

We are proud to be able to offer extensive and colourful adventure and play areas for the children. Most children now live in homes with only small outdoor areas. I know that problems with gross motor skills in children entering primary school are becoming commonplace as spaces to run play and climb become scarce.

Our Future

We have faced many challenges in recent years as many expensive private schools, belonging to large business groups, have opened. These schools offer care to younger and younger children by marketing Education from Cradle to University. We believe that we provide an ideal and gentler environment, at a significantly lower cost, to children during their tender years before they move on to more formal educational establishments. Early Childhood Development (ECD) is now recognised worldwide as essential to human growth and eventual success. Bush Hill employs qualified and dedicated staff whose mission is to facilitate the development of every child in our care, and prepare them properly for primary school.

It has been a delight to be part of Bush Hill for 34 years. I look forward to watching as it continues to care for the children of the local community.

....Wendy Mathers

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Extra Mural Activities


Bushhill Swimming school teaches children to swim and how to be confident in the water. The swim school operates four ddays a week in season, with each child having two 30min lessons per week.

Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays
R600 Per Month


Playball offers a Multi-Skill programme which follows the progression from basic fundamental sports skills, to mini games of tennis, hockey etc. Their action packed curriculum will engage learners in fun age appropriate high quality games and activities.


Rugga Kids is a privately run extra mural activity for children between the ages of 3 – 8 years, which encompasses a love for rugby and having fun. The program concentrates on developing your child’s physical abilities and gross motor-skill coordination through a fun, positive, energetic and confidence building curriculum, all whilst focusing on the safety aspects of the game.

Abacus Maths

Even though we are Abacus Maths, we are thrilled to tell you that the abacus is about so much more than improving your Maths ability. By inculcating the discipline to orderly approach an ostensibly overwhelming problem, and breaking it down into uncomplicated steps, you learn the skill of engaging your higher brain functions, from spelling and grammar, to language, to the ability to improve memory and concentration, and more.

Dance Mouse

We are a passionate, diverse and imaginative group of dance and movement teachers. Our goal is to help young people confidently navigate the world they live in through our various styles of dance and movement programs.

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